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Taking food and water

I was surprised to be with the Irish maroon color on my lips till 8 pm. Taking food and water couldnt fade the matte effect of my lipstick.While applying the lipstick, just open widely your mouth then put it on your soft lips. I am in love with it.There are variety of different shades of lip gloss, lip crushes and lipsticks in cosmetic jar Manufacturers Elle18.In search of good lipstick I visited a cosmetic bazaar of my city.Admired by all ladies I felt happy and came back to home with a wide smile on my face.

Its smell is fruity type and doesnt stick in odd way. Next day, I wear Irish maroon lipstick and attended my sons school function.Immediately I purchased Irish maroon matte and baby pink lipstick.Go with Elle 18 lipstick and make your impression with soft and healthy lips. I can bet you, it will be with me for next 6 months and forever in my vanity box. I was amazed by the different color shades of lipstick by Elle 18.Chuu lene do nazuk hothon koTired of using all the brands of lipsticks and lip-gloss my lips were in search of some affordable, durable and matte type of lipstick and lip colors for my pink soft lips.I purchased it for Rs 100.

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Restaurants in hotels

Other items lowered from the highest bracket include perfumes, beauty or makeup preparations, fans, pumps, compressors, lamp and light fittings, and all kinds of sanitaryware.New Delhi, Nov 15 (IANS) The most comprehensive overhaul of GST rates decided at a GST Council meeting, wherein tax on all restaurants was reducted to 5 per cent and tax on 178 items slashed, became effective from Wednesday as the government issued notifications to this effect.Scientific and technical equipment supplied to public-funded research institutions will now attract a concessional GST rate of 5 per cent.According to the notifications, the GST has been cut on a host of consumer items such as chocolates, chewing gums, shampoos, deodorants, shoepolish, detergents, nutritional drinks, marble, and cosmetics.

This major revamp will benefit the consumers, provided the FMCG players reduce the prices of the products speedily, GST expert Pritam Mahure told IANS.IANSmm-bc/tsb/dgPost Source: Ians feed. The Finance Ministry later issued a statement listing the items, broadly grouped, on which the GST stands reduced to 18 per cent.The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council on November 10 removed 178 items from the highest 28 per cent category while cutting the tax on all restaurants outside starred-hotels to 5 per cent, but withdrew input credit facility for them.

Only 50 products, including luxury and sin items, white goods, cement and paints, automobiles, washing machines, air conditioners, aeroplane and yacht parts have been retained in the top 28 per cent slab.Restaurants in hotels with rooms above Rs 7,500 per day would continue to pay 18 per cent GST with the benefit of input credit.Eating out is expected to become cheaper as all restaurants outside high-end hotels charging up to Rs 7,500 per room have uniformly come under the 5 per cent GST bracket from Wednesday, according cosmetic bottle Wholesalers to the gazette notification.The facility of input tax credit for restaurants has, however, been withdrawn as they had not passed on this benefit to consumers.

These include wires, cables, electrical plugs, switches, sockets and fuses, furniture, mattress, bedding and similar furnishing, apart from Trunks, suitcases, vanity cases and briefcases, travelling bags and other handbags; detergents, washing and cleaning preparation, shampoos, hair cream and all types of hair dyes and similar other goods.

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The event witnessed top

This will be an annual event and the global platform for Products, Manufacturers, Researchers, Inventors, Health food, and Industry related professional to come together on a single platform thus enabling them to establish business networking to move the industry forward towards the global forefront.The platform will be the only kind of show in Thailand, which will cater the Indian companies to showcase their products and expand their business globally.

About Indian Herbal ExpoIndian Herbal Expo 2019 will be the Indian International Expo in Bangkok, Thailand, which will be a platform and a meeting place for the Manufacturer, Producer, Institutions and Associations who are the industrial experts gathered together to exchange ideas, networking cosmetic bottle Manufacturers and market their products Internationally. Motto of expo is Go Green and promote health and wellness.Indian Herbal Expo, Indias first international Expo for herbal, cosmetic, ayurvedic and unani products organised its Curtain Raiser Event at Lord of The Drinks, Hauz Khas yesterday.Abhisshek Shah, Project Director of Expo said, Indian Herbal Expo is going to be Indias massive expo for Herbal, Ayurvedic and unani products.

The event witnessed top notch brands like Revlon, Wild Flower Naturals, Seabucks Ayurveda etc.Indian Herbal Expo 2019 will showcase the latest and best herbal, green and natural products and related services in the market.

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The Teenie line

Big Timer Transfer Bag – Leopard The Big Timer line of Transfer Bags is designed with women who need to carry around lots of accessories and other equipment frequently and fits into any large handbag or tote. Handle It Big Timer Transfer Bag – Black The Handle It series of Transfer Bags gets its very apt name from the convenient handles they sport, letting them double as stylish clutches in their own right in a pinch. Classic Mommy Transfer Bag – Blue Stripe The Mommy series of Transfer Bags is aimed specifically at busy moms on the go. Every time you switch bags, you’ve got to move each and every crucial item, wasting lots of time and leading to misplaced lipstick, lost keys or a missing phone.

The bag features four elastic pockets plus a key ring inside and on either side; you’ll appreciate the extra storage of two large 4-inch square pockets and a built-in zippered cosmetic bag. .5 inches wide, 8 inches high and 1. The following fabulous selections can serve to whet your appetite and give you a good overview of all that Transfer Bags have to offer. The bag sports a classic, match-anything solid black exterior and has a detachable and extendable strap and comes complete with a silver-tone rhinestone heart pin and a match zipper-pull satin cosmetic bag. A combination of frequent airplane travel and general familiarity with life on the road inspired the signature Transfer Bag, a unique item that organizes all of your essential belongings and allows you to transfer them from one bag to the other quickly and easily with a big emphasis on cutting edge fashion. Make your life a little bit simpler and a bit more fashionable with a Transfer bag now.

Classic Transfer Bag – Solid Black The most popular selling Transfer Bag, the Classic line offers an organizational solution to women with medium to large-sized handbags.Just about every fashionable woman on the go is familiar with the pitfalls of coordinating bags. Teenie Transfer Bag – Black Dragonfly The Teenie line of Transfer Bags along with the Little Traveler series aims to provide a big dash of organization into tiny handbags and clutches. And in case you ever feel like letting it out to breath, the bag includes a handle and 46 inch shoulder strap, making it a fantastic bag all on its own. Measuring 9. In spite of its tiny size, the Teenie Bag offers plenty of organizing capability, with four elastic inner pockets, a handy key ring and a satin lined rhinestone zipper-closing cosmetic bag. Available in a wide range of stylish patterns, sizes and colors, transfer bags are organized into four categories: cosmetic cream jar Classic, Big Timer, Little Traveler or Teenie and the Handle It collection. Measuring only 8. The success of the Transfer bag has led to other great items such as the Ritz Bags, Posh Bags and the Eyeglasses Slippers line. The perfect accessory for organizing and keeping track of your accessories, Transfer Bags make a great gift to style-conscious friends or for yourself.5 inches wide, 6 inches high and 2 inches deep, the Classic fits into most regular sized handbags and features a beige interior with four generous elastic pockets to keep all your belongings in order.

Able to handle larger loads than the average bag organizer, the Handle It Big Timer provides all the organization you’ll need on the go and also fits perfectly into a briefcase or carryon bag for business trips. Finally, the perfect solution to this age-old fashion quandary is here, with the interchangeable handbag organizing transfer bag.5 inches deep, the Black Dragonfly Teenie Transfer Bag fits into most smaller bags and clutches as well as the pockets of totes, gym bags, carryon bags and more. When using this bag as an organizer, you’ll love the numerous satin-lined pockets inside and out for tons of storage space, the zipper cosmetic bad and the generous 46 inch detachable shoulder strap.

Available in Blue for moms with boys and pink for moms with girls, these handy bags make switching from the diaper bag to the gym bag to your purse a breeze a keep you from losing any important items. Measuring 10 inches wide, 8 inches high and 2 inches deep, this formidable and endlessly stylish leopard print bag fits into any large handbag or tote and is covered with pockets inside and out offering plenty of storage room. Sporting a fashion friendly dragonfly pattern on the outside, this bag can double as a stylish clutch as well.

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